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Skip The Job Boards. Nurse2Help Can connect You Directly to Clients.

Finding Work has never been easier. Free Job Search, Respond to Jobs request, Jobs delivered to my inbox daily, Freedom to work when I want weekly pay, and ongoing Job Support.

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How it Works?

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Tell us a bit about yourself, add a high-quality photos( caregivers with photo get more jobs invite than those without. Complete all onboarding information, including a background check. Make sure you write a profile accurately describing the care you’ll provide.

Wait for Qualification

Our team manually reviews each profile within a week. If your profile’s approved You have earned a verification badge and can start accepting jobs from clients seeking your services, at a rate that you choose.

Get Ongoing Support

We’ll connect you with educational opportunities and continually advertise to bring you more clients. You’ll also have access to our 24/7 dedicated caregiver Support team, premium insurance: bond, liability and professional insurance.


Nurse2Help connects caregivers looking for jobs directly with clients who are looking to hire caregivers. You set your hours worked and negotiate your pay rate. It is that easy! Using our smart app, you can enter a desired location and find jobs within your city, zip code or better yet, your own neighborhood!
You are paid by direct deposit . Service fee charged is deposited into your account automatically every week less the platform fee.
Every Service Provider can set their pay rate based upon numerous factors: years of experience, skill set, training and education level.
Absolutely! You choose when you want to accept clients. Clients are posting jobs all the time for part-time, full-time, and "as needed".jobs. Only accept jobs that match your skill set & schedule.